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Preventative Care

Help your pet live a healthier, happier, longer life!

Preventative care allows us to help pets live longer lives.  With advances in medicine, we can prevent deadly diseases through vaccinations and parasite prevention.  Not only can we prevent contagious disease, but we can catch other diseases earlier with screening tests.  Catching them earlier allows us to extend your pet's life by slowing or sometimes stopping diseases before they progress. 

It is important your pet have a physical examination every 6 months.  During this exam, your pet will have his or her heart and lungs listened to, abdomen felt for organ enlargement or masses, joints manipulated for signs of arthritis, ears and eyes checked, and oral health assessed.  If any concerning findings arise, options to evaluate and treat them are discussed. 

In addition to an examination, your pet should have blood and urine screening tests run every 6 to 12 months.  Certain diseases are easily managed if caught early, such as kidney disease or hormone imbalances.  If we wait until your pet has symptoms of the disease to diagnose it, we likely will miss our opportunity to halt the progression.