Rowley Animal Hospital

46 Leslie Rd
Rowley, MA 01969


Our Team


Matthew DiBoot

Practice Manager

Originally from Sudbury, Massachusetts, Matt left Massachusetts and his career in automotive technology for sunny Florida and a new career in veterinary technology and management.  During his time in Florida, Matt gained valuable experience in the veterinary field in the areas of nursing, human resources, inventory management and more.  He is excited to have returned to his home state for this new adventure in practice management and ownership with his wife, Dr. Danielle DiBoot and their animal family.

In his free time, Matt enjoys playing disc golf, tending to the animal family, paintball, and practicing Tae kwon do.  His favorite part of veterinary medicine is how every day presents new challenges and no two days are the same.  He loves getting to know people through their pets and looks forward to getting to know Rowley!


Customer Service Representative

Edie manages our reception desk and ensures our clients are well cared for.  She has spent the past 25 years working in the food service industry and tending bar. Edie transitioned to the veterinary field because she absolutely loves being around animals and working with animals of all kinds! 

Edie has two cats, a Maine Coon named Diesel and a Savannah cat named Lion.  In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, drawing, painting, candle making, and jewelry making.  

Amy Perry, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Amy earned an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology from Becker College, where she graduated with honors.  She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from University of Massachusetts and is certified in basic and advanced life support and CPR through Recover Initiative.  Amy loves working with all animals and in every part of the hospital, but her passion is in anesthesia.  Amy worked for Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine as an anesthetist for many years and has brought her knowledge and skills to Rowley Animal Hospital.  We are thrilled to have her help us utilize the latest and greatest advancements in anesthesia so we can anesthetize your pets as safely and stress free as possible!

Amy is originally from Whitman, Massachusetts and grew up surrounded by animals, including horses and goats.  Amy spends much of her free time with her husband, Ben, and their two beautiful children, Adelaida and Quinton.  As a family, they love camping, bird watching, roller-blading, and spending time outdoors. She has three cats, Charlie, Atreyu, and Sneakers, as well as a pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroach named Tickle. 


Veterinary Assistant

Coming from Haverhill Massachusetts, David is a career changer originally from the field of education. Having earned his Bachelors in Human Development and Masters in education from Merrimack College, David worked in the field for several years before coming to the conclusion that it would be best to follow one of his true passions: animals. Being around animals all of his life, David realized he needs to continue being around what makes him truly happy. Having already completed one veterinary assistant certificate program through Northern Essex Community College, David is now already enrolled in another program with the goal of becoming an Approved Veterinary Assistant before continuing his education in veterinary technology and medicine. 

From animals at home like dogs and fish to the farm where he fell in love with chickens and pigs, David is fascinated by and highly respects all forms of life, whether they walk, crawl, swim, or fly. At home right now he and his family have two dogs: a miniature beagle named Lulu and a Yorkshire Terrier named Renae. In his spare time, David likes to draw, read, write, garden, walk and hike, play video games, spend time with friends and family, and of course be around, care for, and learn more about animals! 


Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Peabody, Jaymie has Animal Care Specialist degree from North Short Community College.  She has had a love for animals since she was a young child and is excited to be a part of the Rowley Animal Hospital team so she can continue learning about animals! 

Jaymie's hobbies include caring for her menagerie of pets, photography, painting, and baking.  Jaymie feels the most interesting thing about her is how many pets she has!  Jaymie's pets include rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, a sun conure, a hamster, a dumbo rat, a red footed tortoise, a bearded dragon, a blue tongued skink, a ball python, leopard geckos, eyelash crested geckos, fish, and a blue nosed pitbull named Azul.    


Kennel Assistant

Originally from Florida, Julia now lives in Amesbury and is a student at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School.  She is working hard to fulfill her dreams of moving to Australia to work in animal conservation with the Australia Zoo.  Julia loves making animals and pets happy and wants to work to give those who need one a second chance. 

Julia has a few exotic pets at home including Rosie the chinchilla, Vector the ball python, ShadowLee the guinea pig, Charlie the African Fat-Tailed Gecko, and Shadow the African pygmy hedgehog.  In her free time, Julia enjoys playing video games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Just Dance, and Minecraft.  Julia also enjoys drawing and show choir, but strongly dislikes chocolate. 


Feline Management

Neville the cat likes to think he owns Rowley Animal Hospital.  He certainly is the head cat and likes to keep all of the other clinic cats in line.  He can usually be found demanding food and attention at the front desk or napping.   

Neville is always entertaining the staff and clients of Rowley Animal Hospital with his purring.  Keep an eye out for Neville and the rest of the feline staff on your next visit to Rowley Animal Hospital! 


Assistant Feline Management

Tony is the resident sphynx cat.  Because of his exceptional interpersonal skills and high energy, Tony has quickly climbed the corporate ladder and is currently undergoing management training.  Tony's favorite part of working in a veterinary hospital is that there is always trouble to be made and things to get into.  Tony loves knocking things off the counters if his human co-workers aren't keeping it tidy enough.  He is also in charge of morale and is often found comforting team members and clients in need of a good snuggle.  

In his free time, Tony loves eating - cat food, dog food, human food, anything food really.  Tony also enjoys purring and napping under the covers.