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Hospice Care

As your pet ages, they may experience pain, confusion, anxiety, or other issues that we can address.  

Managing pain from arthritis, cancer, or illness is best done with a multi-modal approach, meaning no one treatment cures all.  We usually combine a few different treatment regimens, such as dietary, supplements, NSAIDs, or other pain medications.  We can discuss massage, physical therapy, or other options including acupuncture or laser therapy. 

Many dogs experience symptoms of dementia or have incontinence and mobility issues as they age.  Allow us to help you care for your senior pet.

Molly in the water

Compassionate Euthanasia

Saying good-bye to your beloved pet is the hardest part of pet ownership.

When your pets are suffering and aren't enjoying life anymore, we are able to grant them a peaceful exit from the world. 

We offer in-clinic and in-home euthanasia services and every attempt is made to prevent stress and anxiety for your pet in their final moments.

We will also help you navigate the options for burial and cremation to honor your pet's memory.

Aftercare Options and Grief Support

How do I know when it's time?

Pet Loss Hotline