Rowley Animal Hospital

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Rowley Wildlife Rescue

At Rowley Animal Hospital we have a passion for helping sick or injured wildlife.  We work with a network of local wildlife rehabilitators to ensure all wildlife gets the care it needs for the goal of successful release back into the wild.  

Dr. DiBoot is a Massachusetts licensed wildlife rehabilitator and has experience treating many species from hawks and owls, to other birds, turtles, snakes, and a range of mammals.  She started helping injured wildlife when she saw the neighbor's cat attack a chipmunk as a child.  She did her best to try to save the chipmunk and from there her love of helping sick and injured animals grew.  You could say her love of wildlife helped spark her interest in becoming a veterinarian!  

We do not charge the public for bringing us sick or injured wildlife, but we can suggest local wildlife rehabilitation organizations that are in great need of donations, both monetary and supplies.  These local organizations help support us by caring for animals needing rehabilitation.  Please see links below for ways to donate and for more information about our local wildlife rehabilitation community!

We are not trappers and follow all state and federal regulations in regards to treating wild animals.  If you are concerned about the health or condition of a wild animal, please contact your local animal control officer for advise on how to proceed.  If you are in possession of a sick or injured animal, please call us at (978) 948-2118. 

If you found a baby animal, please visit these links for information on what to do next (Squirrel, Rabbit, Raccoon, Bird).  If you don't see the animal listed or if it is injured or unable to be reunited with it's mother, please call us at (978) 948-2118. We only have limited space in our facility for orphaned wildlife because we care for animals requiring veterinary attention.  If you have a healthy, uninjured orphan animal in need of a wildlife rehabilitator, please visit for a list of rehabbers in Massachusetts.

Please donate to one of our incredible local wildlife rescuers:

Cape Ann Wildlife (CAW) helps us treat raptors and birds, including those protected under the federal migratory bird act.  They are an essential resource for us and we rely heavily on their support!

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue helps us network to transport animals and helps us find rehabbers for many species.  Their expertise has been vital to our success!  Please donate to support their amazing work!

NEW-ARC (Northeast Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition) is another important local resource for us.  They help have rehabilitated orphaned animals that came in through Rowley Animal Hospital and do truly fantastic work!